Prediction Game (BSC)
Make a guess
Make a guess if the price of BNB for the 24 hours' window will go up or down. If you guess correctly, you will win accordingly to the odds. Odds increases when there are more BNB bet against you. Prize pool increases as more bets are added to the pot. Chart is based off BNB price taken from Binance data (because of high refresh rate). However, for accuracy and true value, the results will be based on Chainlink price feed (which is the highest standard for pricing) - https://data.chain.link/โ€‹
The bet that you place will be entered into the following round of 24 hours' window, not the current round. Once the round starts, the price is locked and at the end of 24 hours', the result will be finalized and you will be able to claim your payouts. Windows for bets will close 1 hour before the next round starts. The house charges a 2% fees on prize pool for platform maintenance and a portion of fees collected will be redistributed back to our token holders. Contract Address: 0x4b0C830A823734d7b4A255D49A185D4e6b3ACC35
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